Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Q&A Session with Jess Gonzalez at Red Schafer Mixed Martial Arts

Last month, Red Schafer Mixed Martial Arts had a guest speaker. Jess Gonzalez, the new Program Coordinator of Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts with the State of Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing came to the gym and spoke to fighters from several area gyms. As many of you may or may not know, in 2010, Wisconsin became the 43rd state to regulate Mixed Martial Arts.

Gonzalez spoke to the group about the licensing and application process for Mixed Martial Arts in the state of Wisconsin. He also spoke about rules, weigh-ins, medical requirements, and how to become involved if you are interested in becoming a licensed official with the state of Wisconsin. Below is a video and timeline of the topics and questions covered at the meeting.

Red Schafer Mixed Martial Arts would like to thank Jess Gonzalez for taking the time to come and visit, speak about the new regulations and answer questions with the fighters and students.

Q&A Session with Jess Gonzalez at Red Schafer Mixed Martial Arts from Nathan Schafer on Vimeo.

00:07 – Introduction
03:30 – Competing in unsanctioned events including tribal reservations
04:55 – Fighter databases
05:19 – Mixed Martial Arts I.D. Cards
06:15 – MMA Fighter Licensing Process and Forms
08:20 – Medicals and Medical Suspensions
10:00 – Pre-fight Exams
11:40 – Eye Exams
11:55 – Application Fees
12:10 – Application Processing Timelines
12:45 – Public vs. Private Information Question
13:25 – Fighter I.D. Cards Question
15:30 – Weigh Ins and Registration
16:08 – Female Fighters & Pregnancy Tests
16:20 – 7-Day Fight Rule
16:48 – Missing Weight Allotments
19:10 – Catch-weight Bouts
21:25 – Fighter Records and Databases
22:10 – Amateur Fighter Weigh-Ins Question
23:00 – Fight Gloves
25:00 – Weigh-In Scale
26:10 – Criminal Records & Pending Charges
28:20 – Modified MMA, Novice MMA, and Pankration
32:15 – Kickboxing & Boxing Question
33:25 – Approving MMA Bouts Question
35:05 – Performance Enhancing Drugs and Steroid Testing Question
39:05 – Fighters Going From Amateur to Professional Status Question
40:10 – Medical Information and Medical Suspensions
42:40 – Elbows and Knees in Amateur MMA Questions
43:40 – Becoming Involved and Working in the Commission Question
46:50 – Commission Officials at MMA shows
47:45 – Licensed Officials Question
48:40 – Conclusion
49:10 – Medical Insurance Question
50:00 – Conclusion

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