Thursday, March 17, 2011

Red Schafer Mixed Martial Arts Victorious at NCGA Duel Tournament

In the first matchup of the National Cage Grappling Association’s 8-team duel tournament against Gracie Barra – Kenosha at Waukesha MMA last Saturday, Red Schafer Mixed Martial Arts proved that despite being the youngest team in the tournament we are not to be taken lightly. The squad won by a score of 59-6 and won eleven of the twelve weight classes, finishing with the most dominating score of the six teams competing last Saturday.

The competition team was an all-star line up of Red Schafer Mixed Martial Arts top grapplers that included Courtnie Korpela, Amanda Page, Chris Senner, Josh Hinsenkamp, Chris Piper, Mike Litschauer, Mike DeMarco, James Priest, Tony Senner, Dave Kleczkowski, Karl Turek, and Eric Red Schafer.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt, Josh Hinsenkamp defeated Mike Kwan using a D’arce choke. Rubber guard specialist, Chris Piper finished Josh O’Connor with a calf crusher and also displayed an impressive electric chair. BJJ brown belt Mike DeMarco defeated Tom Angelhoff, 13 to 4. James Priest defeated Nick Riggle, 6 to 0 exhibiting a very deep rear naked choke that almost finished his opponent. BJJ blue belt and wrestling extraordinaire, Tony Senner defeated Ricky Stettner 16-2, one point shy of tech fall. Professional MMA fighter, Karl Turek used the match to get some cage time in preperation for his next fight and defeated Doug Sawyer via D’arce choke. Amanda Page, the greenest of the squad fought a very game bout against a very tough and experienced Joe Flores but fell via armbar. Courtnie Korpela, Chris Senner, Mike Litschauer, and Dave Kleczkowski all won via forfeiture.

In the last match of the night, coach Red Schafer donned his Spider Man suit and used his spidey senses to defeat Rob Carbajal via triangle choke. Past costumes in grappling cage matches have included Red dressing up as Robin – The Boy Wonder and Ravishing Rick Rude.

Next up, Red Schafer Mixed Martial Arts is slated to face “Old Man” Reese Shaner’s Waukesha MMA squad in the semi-finals of the NCGA tournament. No date or location has yet been determined.

Here is a highlight reel video of the tournament.

This article first appeared on on 03/16/2011.

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