Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Eric "Red" Schafer vs. Justin "Bacon" Hutter

Sucker Punch Entertainment has the details:

"I have been very busy since my last fight. It looks like I
will not be fighting for the UFC until after the New Year, so in order to stay
busy I am doing a special grappling match at Gladiators Cage Fighting here in
Milwaukee. On Saturday, December 13th, I’ll be grappling Justin “Bacon” Hutter
for the Gladiators Fighting Heavyweight Grappling Championship. This is not MMA
(no strikes), but submissions, slams, and other grappling moves are allowed.
Bacon is an awesome grappler from Waukesha MMA, with recent wins at the Combat
Corner Open and King Grappler (where he was the “King Grappler” winning the
super tournament that I had won the previous 2 events, but was unable to enter
this year due to fighting at Ultimate Fight Night 15). Bacon has a very brutal,
punishing style that makes him the most dangerous and feared submission guy in
the state."

To read the rest of the article, click HERE.

Here's a video from Wisconsin Combat Sports of their earlier match.

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