Friday, March 7, 2008

Nick "The Goat" Thompson Extends His Win Streak to 11

Nick “The Goat” Thompson was able to defeat Fabricio “Pitbull” Monteiro in a three round decision at World Victory Road’s first show called Sengoku. I waited until the video was posted to write the article due to a couple of reports stating that the fight was controversial including MMA Weekly’s Mario Cuzic who stated, “Despite ground control and countless submission attempts, Monteiro lost the fight by decision in the judges’ eyes.”

While Monteiro did have control on a couple of occasions, Monteiro did little with it. His submission attempts were lackluster and non-threatening. Monteiro fought the match much like a pure grappler and did not attempt to strike much, if at all, on the ground or on the feet. Thompson on the other hand utilized his ground and pound skills to punish Monteiro all throughout the fight, he also spent the majority of the fight in top position despite reports stating Monteiro controlled Thompson. The judges called the fight 3 rounds to 0 in favor of Thompson. Thompson elevates his record to (35-9-1) and extends his win streak to 11 fights. This fight marks the first fight that Thompson has had go to a decision since November of 2005 when he fought Keith Wisniewski at UFC 56.

In a post fight interview, Thompson apologized for not finishing his opponent and stated that he wants to fight Hayato “Mach” Sakurai. Thompson said he considers Sakurai to be the best welterweight fighter in Japan. That dream matchup might be put on hold as Sakurai fights in the first Dream show next week against Hidetaka Monma.

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