Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gladiators 49: “Savage” Dan Lasavage vs. Billy “Rock’m – Sock’m” Jochum

“Savage” Dan LaSavage

“Savage” Dan LaSavage (3-1) is the type of fighter who never stops moving forward. In February of 2007, LaSavage’s friend and teammate, Omar Choudhury, lost his Gladiators Bantamweight Title to John Hosman. LaSavage, who had normally fought at featherweight or 145lbs, dropped down to the bantamweight class to fight for the title and to avenge the loss of his training partner and bring the belt back to Wisconsin.

LaSavage’s opponent, John Hosman, had three times as many professional fights as the undefeated young challenger. He was also noticeably taller and longer with a big reach advantage. As LaSavage pushed forward with each flurry, Hosman kept circling and backing up waiting for the correct time to counter. And then it came, a big left kick to the face of LaSavage. The kick would open up a gash above the eye that required 18 stitches to close. In a desperate effort to finish his opponent before the doctors stopped it, LaSavage pushed forward again to end the fight. Hosman would unleash another head kick that would drop LaSavage to the canvas. Immediately, the referee stopped the bout at 1:01 in the first round.

LaSavage has not fought since the loss in October at Gladiators 47. Prior to the bout, he had amassed a (3-0) professional MMA record and had his mind set on getting into the WEC. The loss presented a stumbling block in the young fighters career. It may have been premature in his career to be fighting a veteran fighter in Hosman who is also a champion in the very respectable XFO organization based out of Illinois. The combined records of LaSavage’s previous opponents according to Sherdog amass a cumulative record of (0-12).

Billy “Rock’m-Sock’m” Jochum

Billy “Rock’m Sock’m” Jochum from Minneapolis, Minnesota fights out of the Fight Club Underground. According to his website, he sports an MMA record of (4-2) and has fought in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. This upcoming fight will be Jochum’s seventh fight in six months. Of his four wins, he has one knock-out, two wins from submissions due to strikes, and a submission due to a choke. Both of Jochum’s losses have been via submission. The first was in October of 2007 when he lost to Ramiro Hernandez. He then rattled off three straight victories before losing via heel hook in January.


Jochum appears to be a wrestler who favors ground and pound judging by the lone video I was able to watch. He throws a mean looking suplex, has great control maintaining the mount position, and extremely effective ground and pound striking.

I expect Dan LaSavage to come into his next bout angrier than ever. Every fighter deals with their first pro loss differently and what LaSavage learned from the loss will be shown in his fight against Billy Jochum. I don’t expect that he is going to abandon his straight-forward style and LaSavage will be looking for the quick knock-out as none his three professional wins have gone over one minute.

Jochum and LaSavage have similar records and their wins are similar in nature. It would appear that Jochum is susceptible to submissions, but I don’t see this fight ending via submission. Judging by both fighters styles, someone is going to get knocked out or pounded out from the mount. This is going to be one of the best fights of the night, mark my words.

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