Monday, January 14, 2008

Paul Georgieff released from the UFC

According to Sam Caplan at ProElite:

In recent weeks, the UFC has released several fighters from the cast of the
sixth season of The Ultimate Fighter including Richie Hightower, John
Kolosci, Dorian Price, Paul Georgieff, Dan Barrera, and Billy Miles.

As you may remember, Madison resident Paul Georgieff (7-2) was a contestant on the Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale last month. Georgieff was the only cast member who had to fight a UFC veteran in his UFC debut. His opponent, Jonathan Goulet had an MMA record of (20-9) going into the bout with a UFC record of (2-3). Goulet won the bout with a rear naked choke submission late in the first round.

Caplan claimed he believed the cuts were due to the depth of the UFC’s Welterweight Division. There has been no word yet as to whether any other promotions are in the process of picking up the reality show star and signing him to their roster. In any event, I’m sure a number of local organizations would like to get Georgieff signed to do a show and pit him against one of the state’s top welterweight MMA fighters. Wisconsin has a wide array of welterweights that would make for interesting match-ups including Jon Friedland, Caleb Krull, Charles Brown, Jacob Kuester, Donovan Foley, or Jason Allar.

Jon “White Trash” Friedland would make an interesting opponent in that he also auditioned to be on the cast of the Ultimate Fighter Season 6. The (14-4) BJJ blackbelt came close to making the final cut but was selected as an alternate for the season. Friedland most recently defeated Derek Abram via first round TKO (Ground and Pound) on the Combat USA: Seasons Beatings show last month.

This article was originally published on on 01-14-2008

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